International Business

This course will introduce topics concerning international business while illustrating its scope and importance. Topics will include the impact of geography, culture, legal structure, politics, and currency on business dealings. Students will also research a particular country in depth.


Blackboard Login Site for Chapter Review

Foreign name pronunciation guide with audio - Voice of America


                                     Chapter 1 - Importance and scope


U.S. Brands owned by foreign companies

Wisconsin Top Trading Partners - Exports

                                                  U.S. Top Trading Partners

                                                  Thomas Friedman at MIT                                     



                                               Geography Games  

                                                        National Geographic Survey of Geographic Literacy (go to Test Yourself)

                                                        GeoBee Challenge


                                                        Sheppard Software - Geography Games

                                                        National Geographic Quizzes


                                               Scavenger Hunt

                                               Class Power Point

                                               Chile case


                                                Activity Resources   


                                                    World Bank Country listing

                                                    CIA World Factbook


                                                    Airport information by country

                                                    Background Notes

                                                    Library of Congress Country Studies



                                                Geography and personality traits                                      


                                        Political, Legal, and Economic Systems


                                                Class PowerPoint - political systems

                                                Class PowerPoint - legal and economic systems

                                                Transparency International - corruption and bribe survey

                                                Freedom House

                                                 Historic Atlas

                                                Frontline Site on Corruption and Antibribery measures


                                                Political Risk

                                               PRS group

                                                Country Commercial Guides

                                                Economist Country Information (select country - political forecast on top right column of page)

                                                Global Information Clearinghouse Portal

                                                    (select country from drop-down menu, click on Risk Assessment, and then political system)


                                                Global Competitiveness Report



                                                PBS Economic Video on India

                                                    Index page of country videos (choose India)                                                    

                                                    Commanding heights site - awesome overview of historical world economic development




                                                American culture page

                                                Business Adaptations power point

        Adaptation power point

                                                Hofstede Cultural Dimensions



 Trade Agreements and Trade Barriers

                                                Country Commercial Guide


                                                European Union         

                                                PowerPoint on trade barriers

                                                Review questions




 Metric System   


                                                Power Point

                                                U.S. Metric Association homepage



                                        Market Entry

                                                Power Point

                                                Doing Business page (World Bank) 

                                                Country Commercial Guide example  Link   (Use Ch. 1 and 3)



                                                Power Point






                                                Link for Japanese Country Commercial Guide




                                                International Monetary System PowerPoint

                                                x-rates exchange rates

                                       currency converter with obsolete currencies (lira, Dmarks, etc.)

                                                Pacific Exchange Rate service with plot of currency exchange

                                                Review PowerPoint on safari




                                       Review sheet for Test on 13, 14, and 9 (pages 253-261)


                                         Country Research Paper

                                                Part 1


Team Evaluation

                                                Part 2


                                               Citing Sources

                                                        Citation Cuilder:NCSU Library

                                                        APA Formatting and Style Guide - OWL                                              

                                                        APA Style 


                                                Research Links

                                                Help with Research Papers